Friday, August 7, 2009

Well, hello there!

And... suddenly it is August. I never meant to make a post about NABLOPOMO back in March, then walk away from this little pet blog of mine for five months, it was just sort of one of those things that happened. Goodness. I found myself completely blocked, and that just never happens to me. I always have something to say. But if you had asked me to describe the shape of a frozen green pea, I would have had to ponder it for a week.

So what did I do. I set out on a series of adventures this summer. Nothing spectacular, but I road tripped back home to KC to visit friends and family three times. I spent a grand ten days in Alabama with my family there, getting some decent news on the state of my dad's cancer. (He will go back again next week, cross your fingers for more decent news.) I've been reading books, I'm considering going back to school, I've gotten lost in my thoughts while breathing in the fresh air out on the porch. I've worked on a special writing project I consider therapy, anyone else do that? Curious. Anyway, looking at this written out, it seems like more than it feels like I've done. Hmmm.

I guess what I'm trying to get around to saying by making all of these excuses, is that I'm sorry for abandoning you my little blog, and my readers who still pop by every day. Thank you for being there.


Andrea said...

So good to see you back again! No worries as I am obviously guilty of not keeping up with my blog as well :)

Here's to us getting back on the "horse" again!

No apologies necessary....

A Lawyer Mom's Musings said...

Welcome back! I went on a summer blogging sabatical, too, and it was wonderful! Happy end of summer, girlfriend.