Friday, September 12, 2008

Vacation Vacation Vacation!

Ever typed a word and it looked odd? Like it is not spelled right? I just had that odd feeling as I typed the word Vacation up there in the title, so I typed it again and again to make sure. So, yep. Vacation is the word of the day. I'm headed out today in the rain, to the airport, to hop on a plane that will take me jetting off to see my family in Alabama. My sister who lives in Dallas is joining me there tomorrow... providing Ike doesn't prevent her from leaving. We are going to have the original Paris Fab Five together for 5 whole days. Big plans include Dallas sister and I setting up her son's apartment, as he now lives in 'bama for college. Relaxing with the folks, lunches with the Alabama sister during her lunch hour at the University where she teaches, hugging the nephews and passing along a Whazzuup to the cousins from my son Trey. There will be no lounging on beaches, no sipping umbrella cocktails, no moonlight cruises. Just good old fashioned family time... exactly what a person needs in a time of stress. I'm nothing if not stressed, so perhaps this time will do me some good. I just want to feel wrapped in the warmth of my family. Listen to the wisdom of my Daddy. Take care of my mom who hasn't been feeling well, laugh with my sisters and brother in law. Wish Hero and the kid were going along too, but they will have to wait until next time. During the holidays, where the celebrating reaches a fevered pitch and people go home feeling as if they've been to a carnival with too much cotton candy. But that will be a story for another time...

I'm not taking my computer along on this trip, as I have a bum shoulder and it is something else to carry that makes me hurt. I will try to post as I can, but if I can't I will miss y'all! See ya next Friday-ish!

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Andrea said...

Have a wonderful trip! We'll miss you! :)